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Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

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Arden began using her OmniPod insulin pump in early 2009. A few months later I wrote this post when I realized that her new insulin pump wasn't just benefiting her but my entire family. At the end of that blog post I concluded that...

Insulin pumps aren’t covered by everyone’s insurance and they are quite expensive.  Children who are un or underinsured are incapably of getting the relief that I described here...  I have been profoundly impacted by the benefits of insulin pumping and saddened by the fact that they aren’t, because of financial constraints, available to everyone who wants one.  I am at the moment not sure how but I want to find a way to change that... 

Since that writing I have been pounding on doors behind the scenes and telling my story to every device manufacturer that would listen. I always end those conversations the same way, by asking them to donate insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to the children that need but can't afford them. I've been doing that for more then two years, they're is always interest but never an actual offer to help until...

Recently, one of the manufacturers responded by saying that they would love to help, and offering to sell me their device at their cost! It wasn't free but is a very good offer that I thought couldn't be passed over. I was thrilled but as much as I wish I could, I'm not in the position to buy every child that can't afford an insulin pump or CGM one of their own. It's then I realized that the diabetes online community has a spirit and an energy that is second to none. It's like nothing that I've ever experienced and I began to imagine how that emotion could be channeled to help the children that need it most. After much deliberation I decided to launch a charity with the goal of putting these amazing devices into the hands of children that otherwise can't afford them.

I began to learn about becoming a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Today I have the details, I know what my next steps have to be and I am getting excited to find the first child to help. One thing stands in my way, $1,600, the approximate amount that it will cost to file all of the necessary paperwork to allow me to fundraise and grow this dream into a reality.

As much as my family would like to, we can't afford to finance the filing of the paperwork required to form this organization. After much consideration I've decided to reach out to all of you and asking if our community can perhaps come together and make this charity idea a reality. The following is what I am imagining...

1. A charity whose sole purpose is to put Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors in the hands of children that want but can not afford them. 

2. Grow the charity to help every family that I possible can.

3. Tell the children's stories to help spread awareness.


I am willing, able and excited to do all of the work that this undertaking requires, fundraising, accounting, fulfilment and every one of the steps in between. All I need is the capital to file the initial paperwork, which is estimated by my accountant to be north of $1,600. A lot of money for sure but maybe not if we split it up amongst the entire DOC and beyond. If you'd like to be a part of making my dream come true, please read on.

Before you make a gift to help this endeavour you must understand the following.

  • You are NOT at this time making a charitable donation. This is a 'kindness of your heart' gift.
  • Your gift is NOT tax deductible.
  • I, (Scott Benner) nor this website ( is or claims to be a 501(c)3.
  • Your gift will be deposited into a separate account in my name so that all gifts are traceable. If for some unforeseeable reason I am unable to file the 501(c)3 paperwork, I will return every last penny that was gifted as long as it was not made anonymously. Anonymous gifts will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Arden's name in this circumstance.
  • The full intent of this endeavor is to collect enough funds to launch a charity that will purchase insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors for underprivileged children. 
  • This website has never taken an ad and this project is in no way related to or the idea of any device manufacturer. This is my personal dream and I am asking you if you can see your way clear to helping me get it off the ground.
  • It is my single focus and ultimate goal to launch, nurture and run a charity that helps as many families touched by the hardships of finance and type I diabetes as I physically can. I am asking you to try and imagine that goal with me. Please know that I will dedicate my time to growing and nurturing this dream and will dedicate myself to doing it's work until the day that type I diabetes is cured.


My profound thanks,

Scott Benner

Just $5 will make all the difference! The PayPal link below is linked to a bank account in my name separate from my personal finances. If you would like to send a gift through the mail please write me an email and I'll send the details. 


The donation link has been temporarily removed while we apply for 501(c)3 certification. Thank you for your gifts that made moving forward possible!