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Ask Me Anything > Have you received the new smaller Pods?

We are waiting to put our 4 yr old daughter on the Omnipod until the smaller pods are widely available. Have you and Arden tried them yet? I'm curious if they have a better failure rate and if they are more comfortable.

March 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJenn, Mom to a TYD

Hello Jenn,

I'll be posting extensive reviews as soon as I've had enough time with the new pods to form thoughtful opinions. I don't have the pods here yet, waiting along with all of you...

Thank you for the inquiry! I'll be back to you asap.


March 13, 2013 | Registered CommenterScott Benner

I have the new ones and I'll say - be careful what you wish for! At first I was enthralled - SO much smaller and lighter. Though day to day I don't notice much difference. 1st pod started May 9th on upper arm. It occluded on Day 2 while I was @ my son's college graduation, wasn't even delivering a bolus. Ran out to the car to replace it and the replacement pod (pod #2) errored/failed during priming. Had to resort to injection till I could get home and get another pod. Hlaf day with no pod. The next replacement Pod (pod #3) also failed during priming. Switched to a different box and got the next one (pod #4) to work ok. That one ran its normal 3-day course. Begin Pod #5, no incident. Pod #5 just expired - and the new replacement Pod (pod #6), failed during priming. ARGH! Another replacement Pod (pod #7) and this one was ok. So, beginning day 9 of use, I'm on Pod #7. Can't even tell you how much insulin's been wasted!

I will also say - I hate the ID screen. It's the 1st screen when the PDM comes to life, requires acknowlegement before you can do anything with the PDM. So, if you stick a strip in to do a test, it brings you to the ID screen. If you don't ack the ID Screen and just apply a drop of blood, it does nothing, 1 strip wasted. I've never seen another person w/ an OmniPod. The ID screen should be optional.

Good Luck to you! Hopefully they'll work out their mfg bugs soon!

May 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPatty