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Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

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Live TuDiabetes Interview with Scott


Join Scott this Thursday, July 18 for a live video chat with Emily Coles from Scott will get chatty about blogging, type I diabetes advocacy, being a caregiver to Arden, his time as a stay-at-home dad and much more. It's going to be fun, hope to see you there!

Chat begins at 1 pm PDT, 4pm EST.

Please rsvp to the event on the TuDiabetes website so Emily knows how many scones to make - such a wonderful host!


Video from my Katie appearance 

Since we were away on a family vacation when my 'Katie' appearance aired, its possible that I was the last of us to watch it. I want to thank you all for the FaceBook messages and tweets that you sent during the show, they really helped me to feel like I wasn't missing it - you guys are the best!

Okay, well... my hair was a bit fluffier than I would have hoped and my (IMO) best and funniest answers were edited out (Likely because I strayed off topic) but here is my first appearance on nationwide television. I had the audience laughing a number of times with my pithy and sarcastic antidotes about married sex but since they didn't make the cut, I'm assuming that they weren't in line with the tone of the piece. I mean, I don't think that I was too dirty... I'll have to find another way to share them with you someday.


Pictures from my Katie Couric Interview


Hey guys!

I'm back from New York City with some pictures from the day to share. Miss Katie Couric was absolutely delightful and I think I gave her a fun and interesting look into my life as a stay-at-home dad. Her producer tells me that the interview will run the week of June 10th on Katie's Yahoo show, 'Katie Takes'. I'll be sure to share video and links as soon as they are available.

Get this... Katie told me after the interview ended that she thought I would be great for her television show! Fingers crossed that something comes of it. What an amazing and exciting day, I can't imagine that I'll ever forget it.

These pictures and more can also be found in my Visual Record. I'm expecting a few more shots to arrive by email, I'll add them as soon as they arrive.


Day one of our New School Plan


Arden went back to school today to begin the third grade so it's time to put our new plan into action and see what happens. I had a nice 45 minute meeting with Arden's teacher and school nurses yesterday so we could discuss how the shift in care was going to happen. Having interested, committed and kind people on the other side of the table is such a pleasure, I wish I could thank them everyday for being so wonderful and adventurous.

I say adventurous because today Arden became the first child in the history of our school district to manage their type I diabetes without being required to do so in the nurse's office. I say wonderful because even though we are forging into uncharted waters, no one at the school is freaking out or getting cold feet. I suggested yesterday that we just begin down our new path together and let the process grow and adapt at it's own pace. I was thrilled when everyone agreed even though what I was asking for is covered by state laws protecting children with diabetes and Arden's Endo backed 504 Plan. What I hear from so many of you is that most schools get scared and put up walls when you try something different. For that reason alone I feel very lucky today that I have the relationship that I do with these amazing educators.


What is this New Plan all about? How does it work?

In the past Arden visited the nurse for every diabetes related decision but now she will only be going to their office if an emergency situation arises. We are going to try and limit the visits to unexpected low blood glucose readings, dizziness and other such moments that feel like they aren't manageable over the phone.

I began my day by visiting Arden's class to explain that this year would be different then last. Arden's entire class moved from second to third grade together this year and their teacher stayed with them so everyone understands the nuts and bolts of Arden's nurse visits and testing. This short talk was to take a bit of the excitement away as I don't want the exuberance of the children to cause the teacher or Arden to feel uncomfortable. You may be wondering how seeing something that they all witnessed last year as Arden's nurse visit companion will be exciting? Well, Arden will be communicating with me from her desk with her iPhone. We will be using text messages whenever we can but Arden also has carte blanche to call me and I her as we need/see fit. Talk about progressive, right?! 


I'll be right back... she's texting now...

We just set a temp basal via text and she is going to test in 30 mins and then text me. This is working!!!

Anyway, there are snacks in her class (see above) plus juice boxes in a small refrigerator. She will be carrying her OmniPod PDM as well as a juice box with her from class to class and every room that she visits (Gym, library, etc.) also have snacks stashed with the teacher. I've tried to set the school day up so that her experience in the building mimics the one that she has every other day. Arden doesn't make her bolusing decision autonomously yet so with the exception of the texting/calling, this won't be any different then when we are at home. Actually, sometimes we do text about BGs from room to room so I guess this is almost exactly the same.


Why is this so different?

Arden's school district teaches a number of children with type I diabetes. Many of them test and bolus without supervision, especially the older kids, but they all do it in the nurses office and then record their actions into a log. The school can claim what they want but the log is mainly kept to protect the school from litigation. The kids may use it for reference but make no mistake, it's there to cover asses. Arden doesn't have to submit logs to the school and unless she ends up in with the nurse for care, they won't be apprised of the steps we take throughout the day. It's a different approach then most take but I think it will go a long way toward giving Arden more confidence and independence. Perhaps best of all Arden won't be leaving class so much throughout the day. I found myself so concerned with type I related safety at school that at times I was willing to ignore that so much of the education day was being missed.

typos: Daddy 1 - Arden 0

Day one wrap-up:

Our new plan worked well on the first day. There was one instant where Arden didn't hear her text message alert so I waited for a few moments and then called her. I received texts during class, library and from the bus. There was a bussing issue in the afternoon that caused Arden to be stuck on the bus for much longer then we plan for and her BG did begin to fall during the ride. The entire event was handled by Arden with one text and a phone call.

Later in the day I received a phone call from Arden's teacher, she just wanted to reach out to say that everything felt smooth on her end and the addition of the testing and phone to the room was never an issue. She praised Arden for being so mature with the phone, we chatted for a few minutes and agreed that day one was a success. On to day two...


Special Request

I held this post back for one day so that I could write about the 'Unfathomable Loss' that one of our fellow DOC members recently experienced when her husband was taken suddenly by cancer. I hope that you can take the time to read my post about Meri and her family.


Book title announcement

The internet does so much to connect people and it accomplishes that feat by making the world a smaller place. I once believed that my voice couldn't transcend my little town, that writers didn't come from places like the one I lived. Due in no small part to social media we are no longer isolated from places, events and people. Everything that your mind can imagine is now at your internet enabled fingertips.

Last year I was graciously asked to write a little piece as a sidebar for a diabetes parenting book and the publisher liked what I wrote enough to not hang up on me when I, in the middle of an unrelated phone conversation, began to pitch my book idea like I had nothing to lose. Pretty gutsy for a man whose only other printed works were from an elementary school writing contest (see pic below). I began to tell the publisher about all of the experiences that I've had throughout my life living in what is generally considered to be a woman's world. I told a few stories and ended by professing my sincere desire for people to see their relationships and families through one another's eyes, a gift that our role reversal has given me. A few weeks later I was writing a book about being a stay-at-home dad.


I expect my next book to have a slightly nicer type set.

I've always hoped that I'd have an opportunity like this and I want you all to know that it's due in large part to your support of Arden's Day that I am getting this chance. I can't thank you enough for the continued love and support that you've shown me through our 'internet connection'. I am working hard to bring you the same honest, emotional look into life as a stay-at-home parent that I've tried to bring to type I caregiving. I don't think that you'll ever look at the primary caregiver in your family the same way again.


My book, 'Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad' will be available for Father's Day of 2013. The book tells a bunch of great stories from my 12 years of being a dad but most of all it's a love letter to the people that stay at home and raise our children. Being able to watch Cole and Arden grow is one of the true pleasure of my life and I hope that everyone will leave the pages of my book feeling the same way I do about loving and raising a family. 

I want to thank Leighann from the D-Mom Blog for starting me on this road when she asked me to write a piece for her new book, Spry Publishing for not hanging up on me, WEGO Health for spotlighting bloggers that are writing books and my family who has been so understanding as I write these past few months - I promise I'll get back to cooking decent meals very soon!

I'm going to do my best to keep you up to date on my progress as the writing process moves forward. At the moment, I'm just writing and trying to hit my manuscript deadline of September 1st. 

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