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Day One: 11:33 am... Cole wanted a snack

Arden and Cole

Well 19 minutes later and an issue has come up.  It’s something we all take for granted... Cole got hungry and wanted a snack.  Now Arden is eating again.  This means my dream of a BG around 160 in an hour is shot.  I now have to watch how many tortilla chips Arden eats so I can factor them into her next shot.  

I can’t give her insulin now to cover them for a few reasons. 1. I don’t like to give insulin on top of insulin if I can help it. 2. She could change her mind and stop eating the chips.  3. She’s about to get a bath and as odd as it sounds her BG always goes down when she gets a bath. 

So Cole wanting a snack is a giant obstacle in my day.  It’s also why I eat standing at the counter in the kitchen with my back to Arden (I usually pretend to be cleaning).  

Fun Fact:  Complex carbohydrates bring Arden’s BG up slower but farther then a simple Carb does.  Also sometimes a simple carbohydrate drives her BG up quickly but then plummets again.  You only need to over correct for one simple carb high to learn that lesson. 


Day One: 11:14 am BG check

Time for another BG check.  You recall I wanted to check Arden at 1 hour and 40 minutes  because the Novolog peaks at 2 hours.  Arden’s BG was 229 at the 1hr 40 min mark.  It will drop quickly over the next 20 minutes.  I’m expecting it to be around 180 at the 2 hour mark and if she doesn’t eat or drink over the next hour to settle at about 160.  It’s important to note that she easily could have decided not to eat and we could be in a much different situation right now.  Had she not eaten I think her BG would have been less then 100 and we be in a crisis mode getting Arden to take in carbs before the Novolog peaked.  This went very good!

 Arden getting tested

We’ll be checking again in an 1hr and 20 minutes to be sure...  See you then.


Day One: 9:25 am Arden is hungry

Arden settled on waffles and sausage for breakfast.  The waffles were 20 carbs, sausage 2 carbs, two teaspoons of syrup about 6 and the juice bag has 8.  Arden’s BG is stubborn in the morning.  It inexplicably takes more Novolog to bring her down then it does during the rest of the day.   

I just gave her one and a half units of Novolog.  We have a timer set to check her BG again in an hour and forty minutes.  With that much insulin I can’t wait to know what it is again any longer without risking a seizure.  The seizures are refered to in the diabetes community as “low blood sugar incidents” but f*** that, I’ve seen two and narrowly averted about twenty others and let me tell you... they’re seizures.  I think the name change is to make them seem less horrible...


The following are archived comments from this post. You can post new comments below.

Susan - Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 05:49 PM

This isn't the first time I have visited your blog, but today is the first time I have spent quality time reading posts and following links. I decided to finally start from the beginning. This post is like 'Aha! I knew I wasn't imagining it.' My daughter's BG is more resistant in the morning. Often she is high a lunch time at school which is inexplicably at 10:30 a.m. This is three hours after getting her morning dosage so It should be fine. What makes it worse is if she has a complex carb. I will even over dose her to account for it, and it still doesn't do the trick. This is one of the more frustrating complaints I have.


Scott - Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 09:28 AM

Hi Susan!

I was just doing some maintenance on the blog and I was like... "did someone comment on a four year old post?" 

I'm so glad that you took the time to look at the blog chronologically, I think it can serve as a sort of 'crystal ball' for newly/newer diagnosed families. Great luck to you!




Day One: 8:25 am Arden is awake

This morning Arden’s BG was 218 at 8:27 am.  That’s too high.  It’s interesting because I put her to bed last night at the same BG I put her to bed at the previous night.  Yesterday morning doing the same exact thing she woke up at 74 (way too low).  

I gave Arden her long acting insulin (called Levemir) at 8:30 am. More on Levemir later...

Arden is hungry now... I have to go make her breakfast, count the carbohydrates in it and give her another shot of a fast acting insulin called Novolog.  The Novolog starts to work in about twenty minutes, peaks at two hours and burns out in three hours.  Click here for a video of Arden’s morning test and shots.



Decided to Share


I can’t sleep... Haven’t really been able to for about a year now.  On August 22nd Arden will be a Type I diabetic for one year.  I’m going to try and relay to all of you what Arden’s disease is, how it effects her and how it effects our family.  My goal is to give you a glimpse into our life so that you can better understand Type I diabetes... My hope is that the understanding will result in your advocacy.  

Starting now I’ll be updating this site as much as is needed to bring you into all of this as completely as possible.  I’ll be taking pictures and video as much as possible.  I think diabetes is one of those things you need to feel to understand, an explanation just doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a much more visceral experience then you may think.

That picture (above) is from just now (3:00 am), Arden just called me from her bed.  She wanted to lay down with us.  I checked her Blood Glucose (from here on out known as BG) and it was good.  Well not really good, high actually about 120 - 150 points higher then a non-diabetics would be at 3 AM but good for our purposes.  Don’t worry it’ll all start making sense to you soon...  Please use the “Subscribe” button on the ‘Daddy’s Blog’ page to stay up-to-the-minute.  I really think that being updated every-time something happens will help bring you into the process.  

Please share this link with any and everyone you know.  Off to get some sleep...



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